Printing Information

Please note that class time is NOT to be used to print items for this or any other class. If you are working on an assignment and you have a chance to print, please use one of the printers listed below. Otherwise, please print it at home or email it as an attachment (see syllabus for approved formats), or link to web-based content (i.e. Google Docs).

Printing in my room?

Use the bio storage room printer officially known as:

HS_Science235Closet_BW on HSDC2

this is a black and white printer located in the storage area connected to my classroom.

If you need to print in color, use:

HS_ScienceS2-42_CLR on HSDC2

this is located in the storage room across the hallway from me classroom in between Mr. Eden's and Ms. Gonzalez's rooms.

If these printing options fail, try printing to the library LSR (not color), but only if the other link is not working.

Cloud Printers
If you are using a your own device, you may print using CV Cloud Printers. They are: