Course Description

Basic concepts of this course include ecology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell energetics, cell division, genetics, and evolution. The curriculum for this course adheres strictly to the Eligible Content for the PA Keystone Biology Exam. Current issues and topics in biology are incorporated into this lab-oriented course.

Universal Statement about the Nature of Science and Technology

The nature of science and technology is characterized by a commitment to questioning the very structure and function of the world around us. Answering these questions involves developing an appropriate base of science process and content knowledge, and developing the skills used in experimental design and analysis. These skills: observation, classification, inference, prediction, measurement, computation, estimation, and communication allow us to complete the scientific process that turns questions into answers. All disciplines of science and technology have developed their foundations and continue to make advances by using this process. When we are able to apply process and content knowledge, and science and technology skills to answer questions about the world, we become independent learners who are capable of affecting change in both ourselves and the world around us. Development of science and technology skills yields benefits that overflow the discipline of science and help us to solve real-life problems and understand real-world situations.

Course Syllabus

Basic Biological Principles
The Chemical Basis for Life
Homeostasis and Transport
Cell Growth and Reproduction
Ecology and Population Biology

Course Basic Vocabulary List

Course Master Vocabulary List

Course Resources

Unit Bio.A.1-Basic Biological Principles

Unit Bio.A.2-Chemical Basis for Life

Unit Bio.A.3-Bioenergetics

Unit Bio.A.4-Homeostasis and Transport

Unit Bio.B.1-Cell Growth and Reproduction

Unit Bio.B.2-Genetics

Unit Bio.B.3-Evolution

Unit Bio.B.4-Ecology and Population Biology

Keystone Biology Exam Preparation

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